Planning for a DIY Wedding for your Daughter

A friend of mine, Phil had a daughter who was getting married and his wife decided that they would host a DIY wedding in their back yard. They do have a very nice large back yard, but it was in no shape to host a proper wedding. His wife thought it was a great idea and since he works as a handyman, he could easily make all the changes needed in the house and yard to make it an awesome wedding.

On the surface this sounds like the ideal situation and a great way to cut the costs of having the wedding. But the instant Phil heard what is wife was planning he knew it was a bad idea for two reasons. The first was his wife’s plan for the design and the second was his daughter’s plan. The real problem is that they won’t even be close to each other and he would be caught in the center having to referee.

Phil was not looking forward to this at all. OF course as he thought about what would be required he started realize how much work he was going to have to get done and it was not as easy as Janet had thought. Of course if you are doing the work it is always easy. The only good thing is that they had nine months to prepare everything.

The first planning session was scheduled for Sunday afternoon and Phil planned to be a quiet little church mouse sitting and listening to the conversation. His goal was to get a list of the expectations of each party so he could sit down and design a plan to get it accomplished. As the meeting got started and the ideas started to flow, he quickly realized that they were not heading in a common direction. The real thing was that they did not even realize how far apart they were.

Phil managed to get the full list of ideas down and noted which ones were coming from who. At the end of about two hours the conversation died down as all parties had run out of ideas for the moment and look straight at Phil. Then someone asked the big question, did you get all of written down.

Phil responded as best I can tell. Let me get this all organized and typed up. Then I will get each of you a copy to review and mark up if needed. Once I get those back I can consolidate all of the changes and put together a plan of action and estimate for review at our next meeting.

Everyone left the meeting feeling like they had made their case and everyone else was on their side so it was going to be a great Wedding. So Phil got each of them a typed up list of all of the ideas presented leaving out who presented each idea.

Just as he had expected he got copies back from each person on Tuesday with all the ideas that were presented by the other parties crossed off with various nots of why those were to be dropped from the list. Phil then compared the modified lists to confirm what he though was the result and began to put together a plan of how to sell his own combination of ideas taken from various people on the list.

He even created a computer model of the yard and what it would look like when it was completed. Of course he also added options to how the other things on the list show how they would appear. He did this in hopes that he could dissuade some form parts of their ideas. That way he could add or subtract each idea as it was brought up so all could see how it would look in the final presentation.

He finally also created the five ideas proposed by the participants in the review so they could each see what theirs would look like as well. He created a budget n both time and expense to complete each design for review and finally made a presentation to deliver at the next meeting on Sunday. As Sunday got closer he went over the presentation twice each day to see if he had missed anything.

Phil had several people come by and ask him how the plan was going and he offered each to see the plan he had for their idea. And each one left with a grin on their face as they saw just what they had pictured and felt sure that would make a great wedding background.

In our next story post we will continue our story of what happened when they got back together and he presented the proposal for the wedding setting. We all know that as soon as Phil started to share different concepts and they realized that he was not supporting their proposal, there would be chaos in the meeting. Join us next time to see how it turned out.