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  • Building for the Perfect DIY Wedding

    Last time we discussed the planning for the DIY Wedding now we need to review the Building projects that needed to be done. Phil had many things to build in the backyard to complete the layout for the wedding. He had designed most of the things so that they would remain and enhance the usability of the backyard after the wedding was over. But they will stay behind to be there as a reminder of the special event.

    The first thing Phil had to complete was a clearing and leveling of the area to be used for seating and for the platform for the ceremony. Phil’s plan called for a large open area to allow all of the guests to be seated in a number of rows in front of the platform. He would have a cement pathway down the middle that would allow the bride to walk down the aisle and not have a problem with her footing. Then on either side would be a large grassy area that would be used to set up chairs for the guests to sit on during the ceremony.

    After the ceremony it would be converted to an area for the reception with tables and chairs and a dance floor on the existing patio. Once Phil got the space cleared and leveled he poured the concrete for the walkway and the foundation for the platform. The platform would be converted to a large gazebo after the weeding to allow them to have a nice outside dining area to enjoy.

    Phil built the platform on the foundation and included the covering for the gazebo to give the wedding party some protection from the sun. Then all he would have to do is to attach the siding and give it a gazebo look and feel after the wedding was over.

    The next project was to build a water fountain on the right of the platform to allow for the sound of a mountain stream to filter out over the crowd and help to ease any tension that may develop. It was a water wall with spotlights and flowers adorning it making it look like it was part of a natural setting flowing into a small stream.

    Phil had run electrical wiring and water connections out to the platform under the walkway to be able to support the platform and the water feature as well sprinkler system that would be needed to care for the lawn. He also as part of the leveling installed the complete sprinkler system for the yard so it would be ready when needed.

    When the heavy work was done, Phil knew needed to get the lawn going if it was to be in shape for the wedding and be able to survive the walking and torture it would endure for that day. So he seeded the yard with a special seed that grew rapidly and was able to handle the type of use expected.

    This completed the major construction part of the preparations and now the remaining work was mostly cosmetic in nature and needed to be done much closer to the time of the wedding for it to be just right when the day came. Phil continued to prepare all the pieces he would need for the final construction phase to minimize the time needed to get it all in place.

    The planning committee started coming by to check out the progress and admired what Phil had competed but were concerned that he would not be able to complete it in time for the day. To each concern Phil assured them that he had it under control, but he needed to wait to install the remaining item so they would not look weather worn when thee day came. There would be many days of rain between now and the wedding day that anything he put out would have to endure. To make sure that it looked it best he would install it much closer to the day and after most if not all of the rain had passed.

    Finally, about three weeks before the date of the wedding he brought his crew over and they began installing of the fixtures and decorative features and platforms that would be needed for the wedding. They also put a final coat of paint on the platform to give it the look his daughter wanted. They spent twelve days working feverishly to finish all of the tasks and when it was done it was as gorgeous as it was planned to be.

    The bride came out and was ecstatic with the results. He let her know that it was already for the decorating committee to get the final touches done for the wedding. She gave him an extra-long kiss and hug and told him it was just as she had dreamed. He reminded her that he was trying to do just that and was glad she liked it.

    Then she ran off to get mom and start on the decorations for the day coming all too soon. Mom happy to hear she could get started now and told her that she needed to gather the crew of ladies to get the decorating completed. They would start in the morning. With just about a week before the wedding day and many things to do between now and then they needed to get it done as quickly as possible.

    In our final episode we will share the final preparations and tweaks that had to be done to make the wedding successful and perfect for the bride.